Thanksgiving is just around the corner so what could be more apt than having a Thanksgiving-themed wedding?

In this concept shoot, we wanted to show everybody that just because a wedding is done in a backyard or at home, doesn’t mean it can’t have that fabulous flair. In fact, what you save on venue fees, why not indulge in several wedding outfits if you are a fashionista type of bride!

Apart from the non-traditional gowns that you will see in this shoot, every little thing was quite thoughtful and unique. All the flowers, wreaths, and boutonnieres were made to look like a “feast” because it’s Thanksgiving after all! Speaking of feasts, a Thanksgiving-themed wedding should have lots of food so in this shoot, the food took center stage as part of the decor itself. We also created souvenirs that were “home inspired” with custom bath gels, lotions, and shampoo giveaways.

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