I’m Alberto (born in the Dominican Republic and currently living in Seoul) and together with my childhood friend Moo Hyun Chung we launched a website 5 years ago, called Daily Critter. The idea was to illustrate a pun in the form of a fictional creature everyday for the rest of our lives. Eventually, we realized that it was impossible for it to be daily, we tried for a while (we have drawn more than 500 critter puns in the past 5 years), but as you get older, life gets busier.

In 2014 Moo came to Korea, so we got together and decided that we should make a product out of Daily Critter. And that brings us to the Daily Critter playing cards, a deck of 54 illustrated critter puns currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. We wanted to elevate the quality of the illustrations and make a beautiful deck of cards completely drawn with water colors. But more than beautiful, we wanted to create something fun to play with it by guessing the critter puns, but also something you can keep playing with as a standard 52-card deck. We spent almost a year making this deck and now we can finally share it with you. We are really happy with how the deck turned out and we hope you are too.

More info: Kickstarter | dailycritter.com