Everything gets better with coffee! Going to work, working, not working, reading a book, walking a dog, drawing. Coffee even turns doing nothing into pure poetry!

It's the first thing you think about in the morning. And it is so versatile - there are innumerable varieties of flavors and ways to make it. Coffee is all about comfort and coziness and it brings people together! Coffee is trendy! Oh yes - think of countless women posing with cups of fresh coffee on Instagram. And moreover, there is nothing like a cup of coffee to warm up your soul and start your day right! It is truly a cup of Heaven!

So Lingvistov have put together some great quotes about our favourite drink: Coffee!

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#1 A Poem About Mornings

A Poem About Mornings


Betty-JoNicholson 2 years ago

That's me in the morning.

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#3 I Love Days When...

I Love Days When...


Maureen Mower 2 years ago

Never have that problem... it's always coffee!!

#4 Water Is Essential

Water Is Essential


Maureen Mower 2 years ago

Too true!!

#6 No Coffee, No Workee

No Coffee, No Workee


Colleen Quimby 2 years ago

That's got sure#

#8 But First Coffee

But First Coffee


JayFurney 2 years ago

who was it that said " If I was married to you I would poison your coffee and the other replied If I was married to you ! I would drink it!