I made a special video with Bobo and Nikita to celebrate 27 million views on YouTube and 30 000 subscribers.

Bobo was born in 2010 in my house. In 2012 I adopted 4 weeks old Nikita. She was barely alive when my father in law found her (her siblings were dead and her mother was missing). For the first month she was separated from Bobo, king alpha-cat in the house ;) Now she’s and adult, but still “kitten like” cat.

These cats have different personalities. Bobo is calm, patient, sometimes slow (but very agile), Nikita is fast and crazy in a positive way.

I hope that you will like photos and video. More you will find on YouTube :)

Little Bobo

Kitten Bobo sleeps in my hands

Nap with Bobo kitten

Nap with Bobo cat

2 years old Bobo


Kitten Nikita

Once for 3 hours – bottle feed

Kitten Nikita

Kitten Nikita and me (photo for cat food campaign)

Changes ;)

Excited Nikita

D-fence and O-fence ;)

Big girl

Lets talk

Nikita and Bobo

7 years in 7 minutes with Bobo and Nikita cats