Dorothy and Wayne have been married for 55 years and together for 57. And their love has only grown stronger. Wayne first saw Dorothy in a pub and the moment he set his eyes on her, he knew she was the one!

“I saw Dorothy dancing with her girlfriend down the end of the hall and I mentioned to my friend who was with me, ‘That’s the girl I’m going to marry.’ And 57 years later… we have weathered every single storm together and are still as good as new,” said Wayne.

So to chronicle their undying love, I traveled all the way from the UK to Perth, Australia with this stunning wedding gown and suit, custom made by the amazing Abigail’s Collection & The Groom’s Room, and spent two beautiful hours by the Indian Ocean photographing these two magical souls.

When Dorothy came out of the changing room in this wedding gown Wayne’s eyes lit up like 1000 fairy lights and he said: “I’m glad I’m taking this woman home tonight.” It was just magical, honestly.

But then, the very moment they sat down by the shore, waves came upon them with such gusto that they were drenched to the last grain in their bodies with saline water, and yet they wouldn’t stop laughing, it was truly magical to see them together. I swear, I went nuts apologizing. I swear I haven’t said “I’m sorry” so many times in a minute as I did that day.

But Wayne just casually smiled while kissing Dorothy’s soaked cheeks and said “Oh, no worries. I could do this all day.” Here’s to knowing true love does exist.

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