What makes an animal cute? Maybe it’s the large, absolutely adorable eyes, or it’s big head and small body. It could be the way it’s staring at you, or the way it acts. Just go on, I have some eye candy for you on the way down. Enjoy.

Aw. Look at what we have here. I have a weakness for baby animals, gazing sadly at you, so don’t complain if this post is going to be filled with them.

Get your nose outta my business. Yes, by business I mean my icecream. Awww, itsh an adowable little pig eating icecweam

Oh wait, there’s nothing more we love than others expressing the same indignation we feel. Especially if the indignation is furry, wide-mouthed and much more insistent than us.

Uh guys, can someone..uh…just…help me a little here….I might be slightly…stuck. Another rule that is absolutely essential in cute animals is FATNESS. Oh yes, fat animals look better than fat humans (why? ;-;)

Um, can you get off, I’m slightly worried about your safety there, yes the branch might break, yes, good girl. How cute. An animal that is pudgy, small and looks at you with a pair of simply adorable little beady eyes. Can anyone spot the wings?