Hello friends. My name is Hanna Tsukanova. In my small workshop RUNO ART, I create felted 3d portraits of animals. I use only natural sheep's wool and work by the method of dry felting. For each portrait, I spend 10 or more hours of work. My eyes get tired and my fingers are pinched by a needle. But I really love this job! And I really love every model!

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I am often asked how I do it. I answer honestly that only with the help of God. Because I never went to art school and do not know how to draw at all. I do how I feel.

I really appreciate your support and your opinion about my work.

More info: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram


Live 3d Portraits Of Pets

RunoArtPets Report

May 2 months ago

Holy cow that's good


Live 3d Portraits Of Pets

RunoArtPets Report

MysticSailora 2 months ago

they look so real!