When you see these pet portraits for the first time, it’s hard to believe that these are not real living animals, but only bas-reliefs.

I'm a Ukrainian artist Hanna Tsukanova, and I create these animal portraits. When I present my realistic art at exhibitions, I'm often asked if I'm a taxidermist! Of course not! All these adorable animal portraits were created from sheep’s wool using the dry felting method. And not a single animal was hurt! I sculpt the felted animals' noses from special plastic and burns in the furnace. I also draw eyes for cats and dogs, but the whiskers for cats are natural. My friends who have cats collect these treasures for me and send them in envelopes from around the world.

Each 3D artwork takes days and sometimes weeks. But before I start working the felting wool, I talk with pet's parents for a long time. I learn their story, what their character and habits are. For me, the main goal is to capture the character of the pet, his soul, and not just convey the resemblance.

If you liked my felted animals and want to continue to follow my new works or want to order a portrait of your pet, then you can do this on my social networks.

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So are these made to frame and hang on your wall? I would be afraid that everyone would want to pet it because of how real they appear!

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