I started my 365 project on 4 January 2014 (the 1st would be far too neat!) and although it is a worldwide phenomenon, I am one of the few photographers to shoot in infrared. I use circular format which makes my collection even more distinctive.

Now, I am committed to sharing an original image every day on my Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, and the challenge has forced me to think out my photography in unexpected ways. First of all, I can’t see through my viewfinder while shooting in infrared, so a lot of guesstimation is involved. Secondly, shooting for a circle requires completely different composition to a camera’s rectangle or Instagram’s square format. In terms of subject matter, the project is a window into my life and my images include intimate snapshots of important people and places. I find the title of each image an important part of the whole, enriching the moment that the image evokes. I’ll stick with it because I like how it keeps photography top of my mind every day, actively seeking out shots for the project.

More info: katedavies.co.za

Day 1 of 365 – Beautiful road ahead

Day 33 of 365 – Go placidly amid the noise and the haste

Day 62 of 365 – Over the misty mountain

Day 94 of 365 – Kosmosblommetjie

Day 138 of 365 – Meowzit

Day 172 of 365 – Morning

Day 180 of 365 – M for magnificent

Day 220 of 365 – The rising

Day 267 of 365 – Sunny Sunday strolls