Even though the last strip of “Calvin and Hobbes” was published on December 31, 1995, apparently Calvin’s crazy snowman ideas lived on!

It’s hard to say when people started making snowmen because they melt so quickly but, according to Bob Eckstein, who wrote The History Of The Snowman, the first depiction of a snowman was in the Book Of Hours written in 1380. In the U.S., they were made a national winter pastime when Gene Autry recorded his hit “Frosty the Snowman” in 1950.

Poor old Frosty, however, might melt into tears if he saw some of these creative and darkly funny snowmen. Forget the traditional carrots and pebbles – these snowman artists have pulled out all the stops. If there’s good snow on the ground where you are, get out there, make a snowman and share your pictures with us!

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