Do you love your adorable pets? Do you care about them so much that you will trust them with your kitchen tools, utensils and gizmos?

For sure the little cat egoists won’t cook something you fancy, unless you both enjoy it, but hey, isn’t cooking together going to be just another level of you bonding together?

Let’s examine the cooking process when cats are involved in detail and evaluate whether or not it will be the thing out there you’ve always missed?

1. Shopping

All good meals start with a thorough and precise shopping. Find the best ingredients, that you and your cat adore. Let it push the cart – you know how cats are crazy about pushing stuff, right?

2. Make sure the vegetables are fresh

Use your cat as a reference point.

3. As well as the fruits – there shouldn’t be any surprises!

4. In case it’s gone bad – your cat will know

5. Sort out the ingredients

When you are not sure how to open the ingredient boxes, ask your cat, in case it’s in a good mood, why not help you?

6. Proceed to actual cooking

Coming to the real part – your cat may get quite excited. Handle its enthusiasm and point it to the real thing.

7. That’s right, the cat’s engaged!

8. Woah…not that much, slow down a bit…

9. That’s right, take a nap

10. Mix & Match

Time to start mixing everything. Luckily, when your cat is involved, kitchen tools become practically useless.

11. It’s all about that swag

Sometimes your cat will be much better than you, don’t be ashamed or anything of the kind, not even if every person you know says you are the best chef – there’s always space to learn.

12. Get it right

Make sure your meal fits well in the baking dish. You don’t want it all over your precious oven. Cleaning will be quite difficult.

13. Time to preheat the oven!

Attention – kids shouldn’t be around – let the grown-ups take care of the food. Ovens are especially unfriendly towards little mischief. Luckily, you can count on your cat to save the day.

14. Check occasionally if the meal’s done

15. The best way is to try it out!

16. Or sniff

17. Be cautious – use oven mitts

18. Let the cat invite everyone at the table – it knows how to be the master of the house

19. Your cat is probably one of the best when it comes to personal hygiene – let it do the dishes

20. Your cat also knows the best ways to burn the calories after eating. Or during eating

21. Relax and rejoice!

You did it! You and your cat are a great team and the happy faces of everyone who tried your awesome dish speak for themselves.