This is the season to be jolly… and also enjoy a lot of delicious and beautiful food, of course!

Christmas time is a great time of the year to cook up recipes for all the family. But not only for Christmas meals – You can also make an incredible, healthy and creative food for edible gift baskets, etc.

This is a collection of creative Festive recipes that actually DO taste as good as they look!

So everyone can be busy as an elf, cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

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Orange-Infused Sugar Cookies; fawns, trees & snowflakes

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These fawn and snowflake orange sugar cookies are lightly orange-scented, with just enough bite and deliciously sweet flavour. Plus, they make for a beautiful option for decorated Christmas sugar cookies.

They make for a wonderful alternative to gingerbread biscuits and are a delightful edible Christmas gift option.

Gingerbread Mansion

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This is an ultimate guide to making the best homemade Christmas gingerbread house that you can, using a custom gingerbread house template and recipe ( that I’ve included).

Candy Cane Jars

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A candy cane that even the health-conscious can enjoy. These healthy candy cane jars are made up of homemade vegan jelly and either homemade coconut yogurt or natural dairy yogurt.

Festive Brownies

Delicious gooey chocolate brownies that are sinfully delicious. Full Stop. No further explanation needed.

Festive Christmas toasts: 9 ways

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If you’re struggling to find easy Christmas breakfast ideas or easy Christmas recipes for Children then here are 9 Christmas healthy toast recipes! Fast, fun & Simple to make – plus they look adorable! The pot includes options with homemade nut butters, vegan nutella, cranberry sauce and an array of fresh fruit for a delicious festive snack!

Gingerbread and Salted caramel ice-cream

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This Gingerbread salted caramel Ice cream is a quick and healthy banana-based ‘nice cream’ recipe. It’s a perfect way to use up leftover gingerbread cookies and includes homemade vegan salted caramel.

Plus, since it’s made from frozen bananas, it’s much healthier than a dairy ice-cream alternative!

Fluffy Gingerbread pancakes

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These thick, fluffy Japanese-style pancakes are flavoured with a delicious Christmas spice twist and can be served with fruit and coconut cream.

These pancakes are soft, pillowy clouds of goodness and work for a delicious boxing day breakfast or Christmas dessert table centrepiece.

Brownie-in-a-jar gift

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This option has edible Christmas gift written all over it. A delicious gluten-free Christmas gift chocolate and walnut brownie in a jar. This is a budget-friendly Christmas gift option that can be made far in advance, personalised to the recipients taste and can be easily veganised too!

Christmas Festive Frozen yogurt bark ( vegan option included)

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This post includes a festive frozen yogurt bark/ wreath recipe and is a wonderful Christmas snack for kids and adults alike. It can be made with homemade natural yogurt or homemade coconut yogurt, for Vegans then topped with various fresh and festive fruits and even possibly some leftover cranberry sauce.

Homemade Christmas Granola

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This Easy, healthy homemade Gluten-free Christmas granola is a delicious cranberry orange granola mix. It includes various Christmas spices, cranberries, orange zest, oats, almonds & walnuts – making it a wonderful, healthy homemade gift for the health-conscious

The ultimate list of homemade nut & seed butters

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What is a more perfect choice for an edible gift basket than homemade nut and seed butter. This is the ultimate guide including everything from almond and pistachio butter to hemp and even coconut butter. Plus they can be customised, flavoured are 1 or 2 ingredients maximum!

Pistachio Butter thumbprint cookies ( raw or baked)

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These gluten-free thumbprint cookies can be served as no-bake vegan treats or baked up for a crumbly festive cookie. Made with homemade pistachio butter too!

Delicious healthy energy bites

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This cacao & almond protein balls recipe is a quick & simple healthy energy balls snack. With just a few minutes and clean ingredients, you can learn how to make a delicious batch of no-bake vegan protein balls.

Plus, they’re a wonderful option for a homemade edible gift option. Simply put them in a lovely box with a ribbon and they’re sure to impress!

Rudolph peanut butter cups

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These super simple, 5 ingredient healthier vegan chocolate peanut butter cups have had a Christmas makeover.

These peanut butter cups are refined sugar-free, dairy-free and absolutely delicious for any sweet and savoury cravings. Plus they make for a great DIY edible gift option.

Cranberry and yogurt Christmas Jars

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Using homemade cranberry sauce and yogurt ( a plant-based coconut version or dairy natural yogurt), these are a healthy Christmas snack option for all!

Rice and cranberry stuffed butternut squash

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This delicious Vegan stuffed butternut squash Christmas dish is a wonderful meat-free Christmas Vegan roast that will work as a side or main. It is filled with a mixture of rice, mushrooms, stuffing and (optional) cranberries – to keep you more than satisfied!

Delicious Vegetarian Mushroom Wellington

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A delicious vegan mushroom wellington with a mushroom, kale, quinoa, chestnut & cranberry filling- for a wonderful vegetarian or vegan Christmas dinner! Plus, it can be made in under an hour, be pre-prepared earlier and heated up on the day!