Old and heavy books always seem like a mysterious and infinite well of wisdom and imagination for me. That moment, when you pick up an old book from a shelf and wipe away thick layer of dust from it‘s cover, is full of magic. However, book is so much more than pages full of words.

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I've always thought that it would be wonderful to give old books a second life. Some artists make it happen by turning old books, dictionaries and encyclopedias into admirable sculptures.

I found a few amazing examples of book sculptures, so I invite you to share the pictures of amazing book art as well. Don‘t forget to vote for your favorites too.

#15 The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Jodi Harvey-Brown Report

EllenO'Neill 2 years ago

Lovely. A side note: Lewis Carroll never refers to The Mad Hatter, only The Hatter. The chapter is 'A Mad Tea-Party' & the 2 ideas elided.

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#19 Hot Air Balloon Book Sculpture

Hot Air Balloon Book Sculpture

Jodi Harvey-Brown Report

RebeccaLescarbeau 2 years ago

I AM BLOWN AWAY by this art work and the people who too time to do this, they truly deserve awards, amazing & so beautiful, incredible job.

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