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20 Stunning High Speed Photography Shots

A lot of wonderful things happen in the blink of an eye, but they are moving too quickly for us to see. High speed photography is the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena and allow us to see images that we don’t usually get to see.

Those, who are taking photographs of high speed action might see something no one’s ever seen before – a bullet coming out of one side of an apple, or fruit just beginning to explode. Water drops, breaking glass, gun shots, balloon explosions – are just a few examples of what can be captured with high speed photography.

Freezing fast motion, not only give us some pretty special photographic effects, High Speed Photography is also used in physics, health research, sports and more. While making high-end high speed photos could cost you a fortune, it is still possible to capture super fast movements using your ordinary camera gear and a little home made electronics (see DIY).

Theory aside, presents you a really cool collection of 20 Stunning High Speed Photographs. Enjoy!

Banana High Speed Explosion








(Image credits: nebarnix)




(Image credits: nebarnix)


(Image credits: nebarnix)

Balloon High Speed Explosions

(Image credits: A.Connah)

(Image credits: ecstaticist)

(Image credits: ttstam)


(Image credits: nsaplayer)

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  • weasel

    That photo by nebarnix with exploading heads is likely to offend Christians.. But I personally like it

  • Johnny Canuck

    I would love to see an exploding Budda, Muhammad or Ron L Hubbard

  • Nikki

    BB gun FTW~!

  • e-berlin

    Well, the one with Jesus was not so appropriate… Anyway, great photos.

  • Jesus is a fag

    Who gives a shit about Jesus. He’s one big f*cking retard. All religions should be shot.

    • Stan

      Shame on you.

    • jesus

      i agree

  • Nisa


  • there is just one God

    that is amazing

  • Yuliett Cantillo

    LA CEBOLLA!!!!! POR QUÉ QUEDA ASI? POR DIOS! (the onion!!!! why does it look like this?) me encantó (I loved it)

  • Anonymous

    amazing speed photography, thanks for sharing.

  • Michelle

    These were beautiful photos, all but the religeous statues. That should never have been done. That was very disrespectful and should be taken down.

  • anon

    Nice, but funny how they shot the statues of Mary and Jesus and not any other religeous figures.

    • revzef

      Probably those are the ones they had on hand.

  • pierre

    If exploding heads are offensive to christians, then the exploding apple is offensive to people who love apples?


  • revzef

    It’s not Jesus and Mary; It’s a GRAVEN IMAGE! Lighten up and read your Bible.