Think Norway, and the first thing that comes to mind are fjords, blonde people and Vikings - not fairy tale architecture.

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Below, you’ll find photographs of architecture in the Norwegian countryside that looks like it’s been taken straight from a fairy tale. The architectural styles range from Stave churches, which were built during the Middle Ages, to ghostly natural waterfalls and traditional wooden houses constructed in the Norwegian vernacular style (byggeskikk) during the 19th century.

Let us know which of the pictures you think wouldn’t be out of place in a fairy tale, and as always, feel free to submit your own examples from your own travels in Norway.

#1 Borgund Stave Church

Borgund Stave Church

Tnarik Innael Report

BarbiLucas 2 years ago

Would fit in very well in Lord of the Rings

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#2 Barn In Valldal

Barn In Valldal Report

EmmaTanglevine 2 years ago

this is actually genius!

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#4 Ancient Road Vindhellavegen

Ancient Road Vindhellavegen Report

HannaElQasem 2 years ago

this scenery is from one of my dreams !

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#5 Renndølsetra

Renndølsetra Report

DebraLacy 2 years ago

The original green roof systems!

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#8 At The End Of The World, Tjome

At The End Of The World, Tjome

Allan Pedersen Report

ChrisHagen 2 years ago

I'm from there.. but verdens ende is more like edge of the world if you translate it correctly.

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#9 Kvednafossen Waterfall In Norway

Kvednafossen Waterfall In Norway

Lars Neumann Report

MichelBaecke 2 years ago

Now I understand why Norvegians migrants settled on the west coast of Canada, it's identical

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#10 Old Farmhouses

Old Farmhouses

SurabayaJohnny99 Report

ERForde 2 years ago

Old seter huts in Norangdal valley. Very beautiful spot.

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#13 Old House

Old House

Slemulv Report

MandyWard 2 years ago

I have the "Heidi" theme tune going in my head now...

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#14 Fjord Houses

Fjord Houses

AdMixStar Report

LynnMay 2 years ago

No those are like CHEVY houses. lol

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#15 Bridge In Norway

Bridge In Norway

will zhang Report

AveryNey 2 years ago

This would be an epic site for a last battle!!

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#16 Old Village

Old Village Report

GryChristensen 2 years ago

Does anyone know where this is in Norway?

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