It is possible to apply a zero waste philosophy in fashion, also by crafting a handmade jewelry, like earrings made of natural bird feathers.

Feathers are not a garbage or a waste.

But to be eco and ethical it is important that all used feathers come exclusively from legal sources and be gathered only after the natural moulting process of birds!

We do believe that the natural feathers are too beautiful to be lost forever when they are naturally lost by birds.

This is a fundamental assumption for us – we do love the nature and that is why we consider all its gifts as renewable resources – no bird should suffer from sharing feathers with you.

Boho style earrings made of feathers are a very feminine piece of jewelry. Very light and subtle. And very unique – just like every single natural feather is – there are no two completely identical copies of handmade earrings by Zuzzo.

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