If there were statistics showing which generation is getting trashed on the most, it’d probably be millennials. Older generations are unhappy about the way they work, live and spend their leisure time. They’re being judged for their addiction to smartphones, poor work ethic and sense of entitlement. However, it is worth noting that while some of these may be true, it is also important to look at the circumstances surrounding this generation to really understand why they are the way they are. Not a long time ago one satirical video depicting millennials was posted on YouTube and it received a lot of likes. However, no matter how funny the video might be (not to everyone, apparently, as the video has also been called cringy), one person was actually fed up of being generalized and forced into the so-called ‘entitled millennial’ frame.

Yet again, the millenials are under the radar

Image credits: Gilbert Mercier

Under the satirical video, which depicts the generation of millennials, one comment stood out from the others

Image credits: IFHT Films

In it, the person was blatantly explaining why the accusations for this generation are simply ridiculous

Many people had their say and were supportive of the views that were expressed in the comment