Reddit user /u/MundaneSeesaw shared a post recently, claiming that a local Pizza Hut had once overloaded their family’s phone line. According to them, the company declined numerous attempts to reason with them, so they did the only thing they could. They took their time executing their carefully crafted revenge plan, making sure the business received what it deserved. Some, however, argued that maybe the punishment was too harsh, to which /u/MundaneSeesaw replied, “[You] clearly never been to some of the smaller towns in the south with populations that are primarily rednecks.” Scroll down to read the entire thing, and if it doesn’t satisfy your thirst for blood, fire up these 91 Revenge Stories That Will Make You Think Twice Before Being An Asshole To Other People.

P.S. Bored Panda has contacted Pizza Hut and /u/MundaneSeesaw, and we’ll update the post as soon as we get more details. (Facebook cover image: Mosman Library)

Image credits: m01229

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