Remember the one-of-a-kind super fancy pool that was supposed to be opened this summer in London, but got delayed, because 2020? Well, guess what: it will be opened, but just a tad later than it was originally planned. While the exact date is yet to be confirmed, rumor has it people will be able to visit it come spring.

The impressive 25-meter long pool hangs 35 meters (115 feet) above the ground and has been built between two buildings in Embassy Gardens, a new residential neighborhood in Nine Elms, Vauxhall. At the moment, the last construction work touches are being finished off in hopes of opening it to the public in a few months’ time. Well, not exactly for the public, as people like you and me won’t probably get in, but let us dream in peace, okay?

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The world’s first transparent “sky pool” that hangs suspended between two tower blocks is set to open next spring

Image credits: Embassy Gardens

The aquarium-style pool suspended 115 feet above London will be filled with 148,000 liters of water. It was made from acrylic and is 25 meters total in length. Swimmers in this fancy pool will be able to enjoy central London views while hanging about between two apartment buildings, ten stories high.

Construction work around the pool is now being finished off

Image credits: Embassy Gardens

Sadly, we common folks won’t be allowed to get in, unless we buy ourselves an apartment at Embassy Gardens and become members of the development’s exclusive “Eg:le Club.” If we’ve got at least $730k spare, that is—or $6M if we’re feeling fancy tonight and would like ourselves a penthouse suite.

It was originally due to open this summer, but the project got delayed

Image credits: Embassy Gardens

“The much-anticipated SKY POOL has been lifted into place at Embassy Gardens today, by one of the largest mobile cranes in the world. The crane has a load capacity of 750 tonnes,” Embassy Gardens shared on Instagram back in late September. “The acrylic structure has undergone rigorous hydrostatic testing: safety factors 20 times more extensive than what would be carried out on a typical pedestrian or road bridge structure.”

The pool is 25 meters (82 feet) long and hangs 35 meters (115 feet) above the ground

Image credits: Embassy Gardens

“My vision for the Sky Pool stemmed from a desire to push the boundaries in the capability of construction and engineering,” talking about the ambitious project, Ballymore Group CEO Sean Mulryan told the media 5 years ago. “I wanted to do something that had never been done before. The Sky Pool’s transparent structure is the result of significant advancements in technologies over the last decade. The experience of the pool will be truly unique; it will feel like floating through the air in central London,” he then shared his vision.

It will be filled with 148,000 liters of water (almost 40,000 gallons)

Image credits: Embassy Gardens

“As well as the Sky Pool, additional residential amenities on offer at Embassy Gardens include an indoor pool, gym, residents’ lounge, co-working spaces and meeting rooms, and spa facilities,” Embassy Gardens’ Instagram reads.

The pool will be exclusive to Embassy Gardens residents

Image credits: Embassy Gardens

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