I always get inspiration from the world around me. Especially now, when I live and work in one of the most beautiful places on earth – the Altai Republic, Russia. I am inspired by natural materials, and I also love a ceramic mosaic. I’ve been combining the materials in my projects for many years. I like to do what no one did before me, I like complex and challenging projects.

I used wind fallen trees, some cut trees left after the fruit orchards thinning, and some trees were just brought by my friends. I have personally handled and prepared all the wood for my project.

I had such type of wood as: oak, Manchurian walnut, apricot tree, apple tree, pear tree, karagach, ash, birch, ash-tree maple, American walnut, cherry tree, larch, rowan and a little mahogany.

I used a miter saw, a grinder, a very sharp knife for wood blocks trimming, carpenter’s glue, putty, a matte varnish.

Before the coffe table, I made a floor art from random wood pieces with a mosaic, a wooden sink with a mosaic, and a “melting” frame for a mirror. I work in different areas of art: mosaic, interior design, modeling, furniture design, woodwork, metalwork and others.

My hands are my Art Studio. I don’t have any space or office that could be called an Art Studio where I carry out my projects. I work directly on the site. My “Studio” is very mobile, because if I take my hands, the “Studio” can easily move to another city or country. All necessary tools, materials, and equipment I can rent or buy everywhere in the world. This makes me very happy because I wish to travel and do cool projects in different countries.

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This is my finished table

Here’s how it looked when I just started making it

Slowly assembling the pieces together

I used around 12 different woods for this table

Finished with wood, now it’s ceramics turn!

Filling the figures

The progress

The coolest legs for the table!

Almost done, not all the leaves are there yet though

Final touches

So much energy invested but totally worth it!

You can see some of the process in the video below: