#Supersheroes is a project by Lithuanian grassroots movement Women Speak.

Women Speak recruited 5 women, who currently are staying at Vilnius Crisis Centre, to pose in a photoshoot dressed as supersheroes. The goal of this project is to show that women, who choose to leave their abusive partners, are strong and inspiring: they can become role models for other women, who still are suffering violence and abuse.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 1 in 3 of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. However, most of this violence is abuse by intimate partner. This is why it is very important to empower women to take action and leave abusive relationships before it is too late.

More info: moteryskalba.lt

“You should never accept humiliation or suffer violence. There is a different life out there – brighter, more beautiful, full of hope. We are stronger than men. I truly believe that in every cloud there is a silver lining and there’s always a solution to every problem.”

“You will get your confidence back when you exit an abusive relationship. A lot of women come to a crisis centre having suffered physical abuse. But there is psychological abuse too. And sometimes it’s even worse, because it is harder to deal with the invisible consequences of it.”

“The first time your partner is abusive, speak up and tell your family and friends. A woman is not an object, she does not have to rely on other people’s opinions about her. She can say no to the abuse by refusing to be a victim.”

“The longer you live in an abusive environment, the harder it is to get out. But it is never too late to leave, even if you have 5 children.”

“There are women who spend their entire lives in violent relationships: they blame others, they whine, they victimise themselves. Take action! Sometimes you bounce highest when you hit rock bottom.”