Even though it could seem sports games are all about competition and opposition, one thing always comes first even in competitive environments.  And that’s, of course, kindness. After all, that’s one of the key elements of being human. This team of football players found a way to the hearts of so many people on the Internet and is now praised for exactly that – their act of kindness in their willingness to put off the game and run to their opponent just to give her private space to fix up her hijab. Scroll down for the heartwarming story and video!

During the match, the hijab of a player from Shabab al-Ordon Club slipped off and uncovered some of her hair

The display of kindness that’s getting so much praise occurred during a WAFF Women’s Club Championship match between the Arab Orthodox Club and Shabab al-Ordon Club in Jordan. During the match, one of the players suddenly stopped as her hair slipped off from under her hijab after losing the ball to the opposing team.

As her teammates were nowhere close at the moment, women from the opposing team huddled up to give her some privacy

Instead of using the situation, players from the Shabab al-Ordon Club quickly gathered around her to provide some privacy, so that she could put her hair back into the hijab. After halting the game for almost 30 seconds, they quickly came back to it after the unnamed athlete fixed up her hair.

And halted the game for almost 30 seconds before going back to the game once their opponent fixed up her hair back into the hijab

Hijabs are headcoverings worn by some Muslim women. They are required to be worn by all women in some Muslim countries but in Jordan it’s up to an individual’s choice. This came to be a problem in sports sometimes, as FIFA had a ban over wearing headscarves until 2014.

Watch the video here!

The Internet fondly responded to this act of kindness