We’ve all been there, desperately trying to find a socket to charge our phones, in fear of losing access to favorite apps, social media and, of course, Bored Panda articles. One might say that without their phone, they feel as if they’re without hands. Well, for a bionics advocate and actress Angel Giuffria this fear became a reality when while attending SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas, her robotic arm ran out of power.

The actress shared her woes on Twitter, as confused attendees refused to give up their charging stations. Giuffria explained that some people thought that her arm, adorned with flashing lights, was actually a prop and not a prosthesis. She did eventually find a station to bring her arm back to life and holds no hard feelings against the people who refused her and only tweeted about the incident to bring light to some of the daily struggles that a person with a prosthetic limb encounters.

“People’s phones are incredibly important to them these days and I thought this emphasized that,” Giuffria told Chrom.

Angel was born without a hand, trying many different prosthetic hands from the age of six. She eventually settled with a bebionic hand which not only pleased her aesthetically, but also provided better function than the previous ones. With newly found confidence Giuffria decided to pursue acting, as well as inspire many with her activism fighting the stigma against people with disabilities.

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Angel Giuffria, a bionics activist and actor attended SXSW Conference 2018

After extensively using her prosthetic arm it ran out of power


 And Angel tried to recharge it which turned out to be easier said than done

Some people thought that her arm was a prop and refused to give up their charging stations

She did eventually bring her arm back to life


She was born without a hand, but found confidence to pursue her dreams with a prosthesis


Angel Giuffria became a bionic actress and activist

After sharing her experience, people on Twitter were quick to support her


At the end, Angel reassured everyone that everything was ok