Most of us tend to spoil our pets as if they were our children. They are our family members, after all, and man’s best friends. Therefore, we try to show our appreciation for their existence by buying them treats, grooming, and, most importantly, endless walkies and pets.

Well, this lady apparently thought that wasn’t enough and decided her quarantine project should be transforming the family’s spare room into a fabulous walk-in doggy house for their Yorkshire terriers Ginger and Fergie.

This woman recently shared an impressive Twitter thread about how she and her daughter transformed their spare room

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She figured they could add a little twist to the simple window seat she wanted

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They created a window seat that would also contain an integrated walk-in doggy house

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While it certainly wasn’t an easy job, their Yorkshire terriers Ginger and Fergie tried to offer moral support whenever needed

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In return, their owners worked hard to create a beautiful house for them from scratch

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They first made the frame for the dog house, then built walls and laid down the flooring

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Not only did they build the house by themselves, they even hung little paintings for the doggies

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It seems like Ginger and Fergie appreciated their new home

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People loved their room makeover

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