Russian wildlife photography master Nikolai Zinoviev has probably the coolest job in the world. Imagine yourself following bear cubs all day, watching them being goofy and cute. Nikolai Zinoviev spent many days watching the wild animals hunt for fish, swim in a lake and walk through forests in Kamchatka and Alaska. As it usually happens, the cute bears strike the funniest, cuddly and lovely poses.

Although the bears look fun and friendly it’s a hell of a dangerous thing to do. Luckily, his enormous Nikon 600mm lens gives him enough space to feel safe. The artist has a wide variety of other great animal pictures in his portfolio, but his affection for brown bears shows through the small moments of their life that Zinoviev manages to capture. Be sure to visit his website to see more breathtakingly beautiful images.

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I Like To Move It !

C’mon Son !

Quiet Fella

Soooooo Tired!

Eight Bear Cubs

Hot Conversation

Sweet Dreams

Nursing With Patience

Give Me My Fish, Dude!

Man, This Feels Good!

Papa Is That You?

Guarding Mom’s Sleep

Have You Guys Seen My Mom?


Faith, Hope And Love

All photographs ©nikzinoviev