I once met a complete stranger who told me that the days I spent in school will be the very best moments of my life and it’s all downhill from there. Luckily for me, he was both wrong and right at the same time. My school days really were great, but life has only gotten better and better with age.

One person who remembers their school days with fondness is Reddit user 1drose who recounted several stories about their wholesome teacher in high school, and how she helped them out when things got rough. These stories made us at Bored Panda feel all warm and gooey inside, and we hope that’s what you’ll feel too after reading this post.

Reddit user 1drose revealed several stories about their wholesome high school teacher

Image credits: istockphoto / kali9 (not the actual photo)

Reddit user 1drose, who was on their own “from an early age,” divulged the details about their ‘tough’ high school teacher in a thread asking people about the most wholesome things they’ve seen. 1drose’s answer was stunningly popular, getting more than 25,900 upvotes; it was also highly decorated, receiving 5 Platinum Awards, 20 Gold Awards, and 32 Silver Awards.

The teacher was known for being ‘tough’ but turned out to be loving and sweet

It’s very important that teachers be positive role models because of how much they affect the lives of those they teach. Education Degree explains that there are many ways in which teachers can go the extra mile and be role models for their students. And it’s not just about schoolwork, either. Being a good person is far more important.

For example, teachers should show empathy, be humble and encourage their students to think for themselves. However, that’s not all. Teachers should also fulfill all of their promises (this builds trust), be organized and punctual, and do small acts of kindness. That way you instill positive values in your students. Values which will follow them the rest of their lives. Those teachers that do all of this will surely be just as wholesome as 1drose’s high school teacher.

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