As a long-time fan of Alice in Wonderland, Sue has endeavored to capture and convey the whimsy and charm of the Alice stories in her newest line of heirloom quality jewelry. Each piece has been expertly carved in wax to maximize detail and the expressiveness of the characters, before casting in sterling silver or bronze.

The line will start with necklaces, but if there is sufficient interest Sue already has plans to expand it to include earrings, bracelets, and rings, featuring a range of different Alice in Wonderland characters and scenes. The Alice line represents some of Sue’s finest and most meticulous artistic work, and we’re certain you are going to love it as much as she loved designing it.

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Alice Tumbling

Alice tumbling Like Alice, we begin our journey tumbling down the rabbit hole. This piece captures the sense of disorientation Alice must have felt as she fell into Wonderland. This is the most delicate design of the series and wears more like a collar than a pendant.

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter – The over-the-top silliness of this piece is all about fun, capturing the wacky but lovable sort of feeling from the book. The dormouse sleeps in the teapot while the hatter mindlessly pours. His high-stepping antics leave plates and spoons flying about.

Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat – A perennial favorite, the grinning mischievous cat crosses his arms over the chain and clings with one back paw in a nonchalant pose. This kitty is a bit full of himself and knows that he always gets the upper hand.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit – Who can’t relate to the fear of running late? The face of the white rabbit registers his shock when he sees the time on his pocket watch. The chain becomes the fob that runs into his jacket pocket.

Queen Of Hearts

Queen of Hearts – She believes she owns the world, and in her world that is true. The flamingo and hedgehog are there to do her bidding. But flip the piece over and her alter ego sneers down in a mix of annoyance and amusement.

Caterpillar Smoking Hookah

Caterpillar smoking hookah – There’s a touch of disdain in the face of this character. His haughty pose and pursed lips seem to ask “Who are you?” in a slow exhale.

How Sue Makes Them

Each piece is designed and hand sculpted by award-winning designer, Sue Beatrice. The prototypes are all carved in wax before production, to maximize the amount of detail. The wax prototypes are then used to form the molds that produce the finished jewelry pieces. The final pieces are cast from the finest bronze or sterling silver, given a patina to bring out the details, polished, added to a sterling silver chain and placed in a gift box with an accompanying card and polishing cloth. Most pieces are 30mm by 30mm and come with an 18″ sterling silver chain which is 1.5mm thick. Everything is made in the USA.

Video On How She Makes Them