Things at work can be tough sometimes. But we all have our breaking point. These illustrations were inspired by my experiences in the corporate workplace.

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You often stay late nights while the rest of the team heads out.

Sometimes you stay until 2am.

You try to do the nice thing by sacrificing your own time and money, thinking that you’re helping others.

Because you think that it’s the nice thing to do, and maybe others would do the same for you.

You think that by going to work sick, this would impress your managers.

Your co-workers find this annoying, and they avoid talking to you directly because you could be contagious. The stress has taken a toll on your health. The doctor says your blood pressure readings are scary, and your days are plagued with migraines.

Despite your sacrifices, and other’s sacrifices, people are still let go.

And THEIR work is added to your plate.

Every once in a while, they’ll dangle the carrot a little bit closer to keep you on your toes.

And you think, maybe they mean it this time.

It takes a toll on your relationship.

The stress builds up. You go from having sex several times a week, to once a month, to none a month.

But it always feels good when you excel in your work, and you see the company is making money due to everyone’s efforts.

You also hope that you’ll see a bit of that trickle down into your pockets.

You’ve become bitter and resentful.

You see how little they value you and others. How little they value their own product and customers by pushing things to be made cheaper and cheaper, lessening the quality of goods. You wonder how much harder you’d have to work. Lip service and promises don’t pay the mortgage.

You eventually give your two weeks.

And you wonder if you did the right thing. But despite that, you feel better about yourself.

As soon as you hand in your notice, the company brings in a temporary worker to do all the work you’ve been doing, for less money, and zero benefits. She will work hard, hoping that she, at the very least, gets a full time position.