After struggling to sell my art for many years, I became an award winning 3D street artist. I worked many years as a graphic designer, but got laid off in 2009 when the economy tanked. I was also recently divorced and I wanted to travel. What to do? Go in a completely new direction – 3D street painting!

I had been street painting since 2009 with my daughters, for fun in Lake Worth, Florida. After I got offers to chalk for money, the lightbulb went off. I could do this for a living. But it wasn’t until I was laid off that I dove in with both feet. I put up a website, got busy on social media and made a business plan.

I have since won many awards as a street painting chalk artist, won many awards, received my Madonnari designation, traveled to many fun and exciting places (Germany, Ireland, and all over the US) and met some amazing people. Plus, I get paid to do it. It is awesome!

More info:

Paint tube in Boynton Beach, Florida

Kansas City Chalk and Walk, 2014

Chalking myself in San Diego. 3D anamorphic chalk art at Gesso Italiano, 2013

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 2014. Walking the red carpet on my 3D street art.

Peace Dove – Winner in Sogel, Germany