Dudeoir photography is all about capturing the model’s personality. Of course, the photos can still be sexy, but the aim is for them to be funny at the same time, and I think that’s why they’re becoming popular. Apparently, there’s been a real rise in demand this year, of men wanting to do funny yet sultry photoshoots for their partners, so I thought seeing as I know what I’m doing and local services marketplace, Bidvine.com, were launching the service I’d get on board!

Here’s a recent Dudeoir shoot I did with Max, a 26-year-old from Gloucestershire, who wanted to do the shoot as a Christmas present for his girlfriend. Thankfully he agreed to let me post these to promote the new service!

It’s great that men can express themselves in this way, and they’re a lot of fun to shoot. Sometimes the guys can be a little self-conscious at first, but that’s normal. After a short while everyone loosens up and has a laugh with it! Max’s photos show exactly what Dudeoir is all about, and his girlfriend loves them even if her Christmas present is a bit early.

More info: bidvine.com