I have had extremely vivid dreams ever since I was a child, and it turned into a serious sleep disorder as an adult. Vivid dreams combined with night terrors and PTSD-induced nightmares made for an exhausting mix, to say the least, and every single day, I would dread going to sleep, thinking "what is going to happen tonight?" Some nights, I couldn’t fall asleep at all.

But there was also another, very different side to these dreams. My brain would go to hilarious places in my mind I didn’t even know existed. I would wake up every morning and tell my boyfriend about the funny and absurd parts, and one day he suggested I drew them and started an Instagram account.

More info: Instagram | aboutlastnight.wtf

I thought no one would care, but I knew it would be a fun project anyway, not to mention an endless source of drawing ideas. I started drawing my weird dreams and posting them on Instagram five months ago, and little did I know that I'd hit a very strange and unexpected nerve on the internet. So many could surprisingly relate to many of the dreams, but had been too embarrassed to ever say them out loud! Who would have thought that at night, we are all just out there simultaneously driving from the back seats of our cars or pooping in public?

After all, I had been in a bit of a creative funk for a while and now it has even turned into a book!

A very unexpected "side effect" to this project has been that I am no longer nearly as scared of going to bed at night. Getting the funny parts down on paper really makes it hard for me to take even my bad dreams seriously anymore. What used to be the biggest negative in my life has turned into one of the biggest positives, and actually bringing some joy to other people’s days.

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, and in my job, I always have to make sure everything looks "pretty" and neat. So I decided to do something different with this project and went back to the naive and whimsical style I had as a kid. Remember when we were kids and we were drawing and painting out of pure joy and didn’t care if we drew outside the lines or who saw it (except maybe our mom)? That’s what it’s like to do this drawing project. And that’s why I am going to keep on doing it for a very long time.

Check out more of my dreams on Bored Panda here

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See Also on Bored Panda

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2 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I have a recurring dream...in which I am constantly looking for a private toilet, with no success. Dreams are weird.

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