Every bride dreams of looking perfect on their wedding day, so you can imagine this woman’s fury when hers arrived and looked nothing like what she ordered online.

But after sending an angry message to the store, the US woman made an embarrassing discovery: she had tried the dress on inside out.

Bride-to-be Deux Aubrey decided to admit her mistake and made a humorous Facebook post, revealing how she got into this situation in the first place.

“This was not a joke, I wish it were but I am not that creative,” she wrote. For those asking ‘How this happened?’, Aubrey explained that she was sleep-deprived from doing 16-24 hour shifts for a living and having to go through her finals week. So when her partner laced her up, the initial skepticism with the company and disappointment of having to shop online for the big occasion as opposed to physically picking things out for herself and the whole pandemic got the better of her.

“I have no idea about fashion or shipping measures for formal dresses. I wear scrubs and tactical boots for a living,” Aubrey continued. “No, I am not a natural blonde but it fits the bill on this one. Hoping other brides can read this and not panic or get upset when their dress arrives in the mail.”

A few weeks ago, bride-to-be Deux Aubrey ordered a wedding dress on the Internet and couldn’t wait to receive it

Image credits: Deux Aubrey

When the dress finally arrived at her doorstep, Aubrey was sleep-deprived, in a rush between jobs, and generally upset with having to prepare for her big day online

Image credits: Deux Aubrey

This is how the dress was being marketed

Image credits: Deux Aubrey

But when her partner laced her up, Aubrey looked like this

Image credits: Deux Aubrey

She got really angry and contacted the company, trying to return the dress

Image credits: Deux Aubrey

But after going through her photos, the company told Aubrey she had worn the dress inside out

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The woman made a humorous Facebook post explaining the situation

“To answer confusion, yes, I said ‘husband’ [and] no, I’m not taking a second [one],” Aubrey said in an update of the post. “We signed the paper for us but are planning a wedding for photos, families, and friends at a better point for us financially. You are never too late to have a wedding of your dreams and never allow the stress of self-paid wedding finances dictate your readiness to commit to each other.”

The couple both work in a field where they see that people aren’t promised another day, let alone another year, and constantly watch lives cut short before they ever get the chance to flourish. “That decision for us was before Covid but now definitely many brides are finding themselves in the same boat. A marriage and a wedding never have to happen on the same day, all in the timeline that works for you. People who love you will understand your financial [situation] or current safety constraints and show up later down the road anyway,” Aubrey said.

“I’ll take a real pic [in the dress] when we finally get to walk down the aisle in a pandemic-free setting and may recirculate this moment for another stressed out bride, once again. The save the dates we send out to our loved ones are for sure gonna say something like ‘to see the dress worn right’.”

Aubrey said you can cry about the disasters and imperfect moments that hit us when we least expect them, or you can laugh into forever. “I’m glad you could join us with a light heart and laugh with us into that forever. May your wedding ‘disasters’ be simple fixes or at least one day hysterical in retrospect too.”

And it went viral