Sorry, geode cakes, your moment in the spotlight is over. Donut walls are the new wedding food fad now!

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I mean, the savory fried ring-shaped confections are already amazing on their own but donut walls - yes, walls covered with donuts - now that's just precious. Which is why brides from all over are obsessing over this new frosted and fried wedding trend. So whether you prefer elegant white confections or out-of-this-world galaxy donuts - just hang them up on a wall and, we promise, you'll win over your guests' hearts. Or shall I say tummies?

(h/t: elitedaily)


Donut Wall

moggiaevents Report

Laura Ingles. 2 years ago

Oh My!!....That is a table i would never move from......

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Donut Wall

raciacchi Report

Laura Ingles. 2 years ago

Well anything with chocolate on is the 'language of love' to me!


Donut Wall

kayleekerr_ Report

Cesi Baca 2 years ago

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This is a really stupid idea. Donuts hanging on the wall for the taking. Who serves their guest this way. This is just trendiness gone wrong.

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Donut Wall

Zuzu Birkhof Report

Sarah The Panda 2 years ago

I think this is heaven! PLEASE TAKE ME THERE!!!!!


Donut Wall

callunaevents Report


Donut Wall

tasteneapolitan Report


Donut Wall

linztipit Report

Crazy Bagel 1 year ago

My mouth is watering... please come visit me, my chocolate dounts! 😍🍩😍


Donut Wall

shelbtaykel Report


Donut Wall

detailsdelivered Report


Donut Wall

shopliveincolor Report