It was my biggest dream to go to Australia some day. I never really knew why I wanted to go there so much- what with all the ‘deadly animals’ and ‘just deserts’

Well Australia doesn’t disappoint.

We had a short time for our trip compared to the size of Australia, and we decided to do the most popular trip – From Cairns to Sydney. The diversity was amazing- we went from the true Rain-forest to the deserts. We saw koalas, kangaroos, turtles, all kinds of parrots, huge bats, possums even varanuses- and the list doesn’t really end here.

I share here some of the photographs I took, as well as some paintings I made after we came back

I hope you’ll enjoy this post, and maybe get some inspiration for a trip :)

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Koala – Magnetic Island

Many people- as ourselves venture off to Magnetic Island in hopes of seeing these super-cute grey fur-balls in their native habitat. They are hard to spot, but once you find them you can watch them as long as you wish, they stay put and just stare back at you with sleepy eyes- if they take notice at you at all.

Birds eye view of Australia vs Europe in February

I was getting a claustrophobic feeling in Europe before our trip to Australia. People and buildings everywhere, and just patches of the nature that originally existed. (Of course it was also wintertime then)

Flying over Europe I watched the endless fields covered with snow…
In Australia I thought my wish of seeing nature might not be as out of the box as it seemed in Europe. Wherever I looked- deserts, forests. Great variety in animals- I’ve seen more type of animals in nature than ever before in my life.

Curtain Fig Tree

Daintree rainforest

Coral Bleaching

As a kid I dreamed of snorkeling in those colorful coral reefs I saw on TV. You go on in life thinking the place you want to go, things you want to see will be there forever. As it should be.
It was a very sad realization upon gathering info on the best places to snorkel, that due to global warming the Coral reef is going trough what’s called ‘coral bleaching’. We still went for a dive around the Whitsunday Islands, and although it was a great experience I wish I could have seen the reef a few years back when it was still thriving.

Footprints in the outback red sand

Eucalyptus tree

Eucalyptus tree in the Outback

When we came back home I was still filled with everything we saw.
I fell in love with Eucalyptus trees during our trip.
There is not one like the other, their branches spiral in every direction as if they were dancing in the blue sky

flower in the desert

I thought of the austral outback as just red sand (which I couldn’t wait to see) but was very surprised by all the plants that lived there.
And as for the snakes- as one lady at the info point said “you don’t find snakes if you are looking for them”
We had more trouble with the huge number of flies that attack your eyes and ears – If you ever decide to visit the Austral outback, get a fly net hat.

Loggerhead turtle rushing towards the Ocean for the first time

This is a bucket-list experience as well. Seeing turtles making their first steps towards the ocean… watching as they struggle to get in the water, get washed out by the waves, than racing again for the water… Until after countless tries they finally reach the deep that will be their home. They only come back after 30 or so years to lay their own eggs.

Three Sisters – Blue Mountains

and forests.. as far as the eye can see

Areal view – Outback

The video is not in English but if you wish to see more of out trip, here it is :)