When I first saw them, they looked to me as giant robot heads sticking out of the earth, and I had no idea what the purpose of those concrete/metal structures was.

Later I found out that those are Bomb Shelter entrances/exits. I managed to map them and then decided which ones to use for the project. Many of them were in very bad shape.

 I gathered my team: Leila, Javier, Miro, Darko and me (Mulynx).

 So, the idea that was 2-3 years old was finally turned into reality two weeks ago, during Kaleidoskop Festival 2017 in Tuzla – Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is how the Old Bomb Shelter entrances in Tuzla looks like

And these are the re-painted entrances. By Mulynx

By Mulynx

By Miro / Javier

By Javier / Mulynx

By Leila

By Javier

By Darko

By Darko

By Kaleidoskop Team

Robotz Rotation