Being a huge fan of the original ‘Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!’ series growing up I have always wanted to translate my love for the series in my art, but could never decide how to pay homage. Over the years the original series has become my favorite set of DVD’s to pop into the player when I want to take a nap. The sounds of Mystery Inc. solving cases is a very comforting thing to hear, and for whatever reason, it lulls me to sleep.

Recently while lying in bed trying to fall asleep the episode “Go Away Ghost Ship” came on and I was suddenly struck by the color palette of Redbeard’s Ghost. The Red and pink struck me as very feminine and as I had just recently been to a drag show featuring two bearded queens I thought: “That would be a great drag look”. The idea festered for a few days until I decided; why not create a series of illustrations turning Scooby-Doo villains into Drag Queens! The result is featured here.

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We slay!

The Ghost of Redbeard

Phantom Shadow

10,000 Volt Ghost

The Creeper

Ghost Clown

Witch Doctor