Each furniture design they make uses a genuine helicopter part. The helicopters may have been used for reporting, filming, fire-fighting or even as an air ambulance. Certain helicopter parts can only operate on an aircraft for a specified number of hours, after which they are considered time-expired and must be removed from service and scrapped.

Carolynn and Mike Rancourt have spent their aviation careers looking at the structural parts that make up an aircraft, the insides that most people don’t get to see. They know the strength of the parts and how cool they look.

“These helicopters have enhanced and saved lives, at Craviations, we have saved these parts and enhanced them to become a lasting part of your life.”

The husband and wife team has over 50 years combined experience in aircraft structural repair, a passion for antiques and an eye for detail, Craviations upcycles helicopter parts into furniture.

Working from their workshop in beautiful, rural Ontario Canada they make furniture that is anything but ordinary!

More info: craviations.ca

From this…

To a Landing Gear Desk or Table!

Serve drinks on the blade of a helicopter!

Bench – Made from a Horizontal Stabilizer from a helicopter

Watch a helicopter being transformed into a bunk bed!

From our workshop to your home. Unique furniture that is anything but ordinary.