Remember your childhood days, how hard it was to sit still? How you wanted to fidget, wiggle and sway? How you had to stand down and ‘learn’ to stay put? Well, the grown-ups were wrong – fidgeting is good for you! Do you know what it means? You have some unlearning to do!

We designed a unique chair that lets YOU decide how you want it: sit still or fidget, sway, wiggle on Muista chair, both by sitting saddle-like or bench-like. If you get tired from saddle-like sitting, just switch to bench sitting. Feeling stiff? Have any fidgeting impulses? Activate different muscle groups by rocking forwards (saddle sitting position) or swinging sideways (bench sitting position).

Design: Aurimas Lazinskas

Collaborators: Vainius Markelis, Saulius Sestavickas, Vilius Kiskis

Photos: Lina Fisheye (

More info:

Simple, minimalist forms achieve nice 2-in-1 multi-functionality

Muista chair opens possibilities for health benefits so welcome in our current fidgeting rennaisance–sedentary era: stronger core muscles, better balance, stress relieve, better concentration etc

Two interchangeable positions for sitting and excercise – saddle and bench

Designer’s satisfaction: the chair had to be packed with variety of movement possibilities, but instead of becoming complex sitting machine, it came out as simple, elegant and tasty furniture piece

Rocking on Muista chair has a calm and elegant choreography that lets you occasionally exercise at your workplace and look more like dancing than doing sports

Muista can be used alongside regular or adjustable height desks – from corporate to home offices, from meeting rooms to dining rooms – anywhere people want to enrich their sitting with unrestricted movement

Muista is produced out of traditional, long-serving materials that will enable a long-time relationship with the chair and its owner

For everything not to look just like roses and wine, here’s some back story: Muista chair was created by amateur designers (mildly professional in other creative fields) who had a promising idea and had to spend 3 years researching, prototyping and making mistakes. Mistakes like first Muista chair models made of.. cardboard. Or second – the seat stuffed with… buckwheat hulls (actualy that was not a bad idea, buckwheat hulls are a great eco material for pillows, mattreses and even chairs, but in Muista’s case it had problems with manufacturability and serviceability). With that we got so far that we even attempted a kickstarter campaign in 2017 that – thanks to the gods of design – was unsuccessful

There’s also a notable anecdote in Muista story – while in our native lithuanian language word Muista means exactly what this chair is – fidgeter (very close meaning, but in the form of a woman’s name), it also means something very nasty in romanian, ***** to be exact. But we got so used to the great Muista name that we decided to maintain that no one (except all romanians) will find that out. So we’re keeping the name, but will put a big thumbs-up for each of our future romanian customers