Being stuck at home with young kids during these uncertain times is hard, we were always trying to keep busy. One day my son started drawing characters each with a different personality and different traits. He got so into drawing before we knew it there were pages and pages of drawings everywhere. I looked at the drawings and thought to myself these are too good not to be shared. Eventually I started redrawing some of his characters on the computer and with his advice chose the colours they should be and how they should be tweaked.

We set up an Etsy shop and started to upload the various designs before we knew it we had a range and we just keep adding to it. The next part was to create a fun marketing campaign which we did including ads and portfolio of products. We started selling stickers and T-shirts and now have started doing masks all with a funny short video campaign.

The positive side of this pandemic has been the fun we have had creating something while being safe at home, this is why sometimes the internet is a good thing and should be praised for all the good it can do, like bringing a father and son closer and just having fun.

Always be creative always be happy.

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Be Creative