The early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are often overlooked, but getting treated too late can lead to irreversible damage that may be avoided with swift treatment.

The message was simple: Don’t ignore your joints. And who better to deliver this message than a giant talking hand who refuses to be ignored?

The Angry Hand is a 12ft blue hand, with glowing orange joints and contains a speaker, which was manned from afar by a comedian, so it could heckle members of the public. The Angry Hand toured the UK, raising awareness of the symptoms of early rheumatoid arthritis and the importance of early treatment.

This video, created from the footage, was posted yesterday for World Arthritis Day (12th October) and has already been well received.

The reactions are funny but the message is serious. Knowing the early symptoms can greatly improve the outlook for you or someone you love.

The Angry Hand