Hello, we would like to tell a bit about us, we are K+A:
Kira – photographer-inventor, which reveals the inner world of people through photography and images. She is the K.
Artem – writer and journalist who writes about photo sessions, adventures and other activities of K+A. He trying to get to know people, and to convey their essence through conversations, surveys and articles. He is the A.
We create photo articles, in which we transmit the essence of person, his inner world, character, state of mind…
We believe that every person is unique and beautiful in his own way. We believe in this, even when the person don’t believe. In each photo article, we try to convey a unique story of a person, his inner world, or his state of mind.
We are always very carefully treat to each person, and we always co-ordinate every aspect of our work with that person. To each person we use an individual approach.
With somebody, we can spend many hours of conversation, but to someone conversation will seem superfluous, and only in front of the camera he can convey his true inner world, without further ado…
In result of this exciting work with the person, we got our unique photo-article…

Learn more about us and our activities at our website: www.kirartem.com
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twitter: twitter.com/kirartem_twitt
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pinterest: pinterest.com/kirartem
Our photo articles you can found on our website in the section “Photo articles”.
We hope you enjoy it! Thank you!

More info: kirartem.com

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