Yulia Shevchenko, or Yulia She on the web, is a Russian artist living in New Jersey, USA. She uses watercolors to create intricate pieces. “Watercolor is my passion, my life… after my son and husband,” she says on her Etsy. The artist is inspired by simple everyday things, such as “sky, clouds, colorful fall trees, an enormous variety of flowers”.

The ballerinas series is a stand-out piece in her collection as Yulia usually focuses more on wildlife and still-life pieces. Here the artist uses various shades of blue and pink to create magically light images of captured movement. These paintings are a way of expressing her fascination with ballet: “I made this set of paintings is very simple-I love ballerinas and admire how they work so hard to be so elegant and as light as a feather on the stage.”

We can only be thankful Yulia thinks that ballerinas’ “grace is eternity source of inspiration” and gave us an opportunity to admire her works.

More info: Instagram | Etsy

You can visit her Etsy shop for more works.