As much as I love Montreal, there’s one thing that I really hate about my city (and that’s actually the case for most Montrealers): the ongoing, never ending construction. The orange cone is Montreal’s most iconic object. “Rue Barré” could the city’s motto. Drivers and passers-by alike know better then to live right on time for a meeting: wherever you go, there’s always a road-block or a detour that you didn’t plan for.

As a photographer, I’m turning this annoying reality into a little bit of a game, capturing the peregrinations of people trying to deal with the construction around them. Here’s a little peek into the daily reality of Montrealers. Watch your step.

More info:

Come on in, we’re open. No really, we are.

Read the signs.

Playgroud zero


I don’t think that’s what they meant


Montrealeppo, take 2

Million dollar idea: 4×4 shopping carts.

The two thinkers

Watch your head

Prison walk

Can I give you a hand?

And you thought construction was a man’s job

Urban climbers

Men can’t resist a little peep

Biggest Lego block ever

This is the look on every Montrealer’s face when they see a construction sign

Behind bars

The king of the building

Secret bike lane

They really don’t want you to park here

“Where the hell did the sidewalk go??”

Let’s take a break boys.

Don’t lose faith, it will get fixed eventually

The toilet in the middle of the road

Future peep show fan?

Behind bars

Playground zero, take 2

Stripes and check

So do I go left or do I go right?

Locked out

This is… welcoming?

I tip my hat to Montrealers for keeping cool in all the rubble!