Music to touch, or smell! Music that shows itself to who can see it. Being ahead in music means taking a step back, to rediscover. Leandro does it with his project “VinylMateric”.

Leandro is no musician. Playing drums is a hobby, but what he really is, is a painter. One of those who were born in art Who take inspiration from their own DNA. His father also being a painter, Leandro has an education in classical studies and restoration.

He is a “music painter”. You can tell music is the subject of his collection. Vynils that we can admire. They are reinterprerations of vinyl covers that have made the history of rock. Reinterpretations.

It is a very pop operation, in the sense of popular, because it’s for everyone. but also for music lovers, that can appreciate what sounds like a tribute, a tribute that respects the original covers as all tributes do. but this collection is not reduced to the representation of a simple copy.

The reinterpretations by Caroli are 30×30 canvases (same size of the vinyls represented) made with spatula on canvas, oil paints and appropriate platic materials. He adopted the materic style so that we can now “touch” them. There are a lot of posters in the world, but the hands of Leandro really give us a timeless, precious artwork.

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