As a kid all I ever wanted to do was travel and have adventures. As an adult, I managed to make that dream a reality but when I looked back on many of the illustrations that filled my childhood, I realized how novel and unorthodox that idea was for a girl. I noticed that most of the illustrations representing young girls like me were limited to situations of domesticity, fashion or relationships for example, never bold or independent adventures.

When I came across several children books between the 1920s to 1960s, this gendering was even more obvious. After just completing two cross-country trips across and numerous excursions around the U.S., I had hundreds of beautiful landscape photos on hand that I wanted to do something with, so I decided to collage the illustrations and photographs to create something my childhood self needed for inspiration back then. My goal is to break the illustrations free of their original, restrictive gendering, to help them come alive in the scene and to create a fun and whimsical moment that embodies the wild spirit of adventure, imagination and childhood more so than ever.

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Treasure Map

What’s Behind

Finding Your Way

Center of Attention

Swinging from A Cloud

Extreme Leap Frog

Somewhere Out There

A Sinking Situation


Ignoring the Signs

Peeking around The Corner

Strolling Giant

Filling Holes