It sucks when you lose something that holds a sentimental value for you. It may not necessarily be something expensive, but rather something that holds dear to your heart because of the memories associated with it. One internet user, who works as an aircraft mechanic, knows this feeling all too well. Therefore, when he found someone’s silver ring in one of the parts of an aircraft, he was determined to find the ring’s owner by any means necessary. Since the internet has proved numerous times to be extremely useful when it comes to finding things or people (remember the story that Panda featured about a girl who tracked down her childhood friend with help from Twitter?), this mechanic thought that it might work this time, too. He also mentioned to Bored Panda, that he had not evaluated the ring yet, but he might do so in the future.

This mechanic found a ring inside one of United’s aircraft and decided to take to the internet to find its rightful owner

Image credits: TwistedBunnell

He says that he found it in a ‘very tricky spot’

Image credits: TwistedBunnell

And he is encouraging the Imgur platform to do ‘its thing’

Image credits: TwistedBunnell

However, some people thought that the ring was worthless, because it looked cheap

So the guy, who originally posted the photos, edited his post to clarify that the ring’s monetary value is not the most important thing here

Some people were praising the guy for being a good person

While others saw a great opportunity to troll him a little bit

Also, many people were wondering why the mechanic didn’t report it to the airport and he again had to clarify the reason

Bored Panda sincerely hopes that the ring will finally make its way to its real owner. After all, the internet has proved its limitless capabilities to us many times.