Meet Feel Flux, the first anti-gravity toy of it’s kind. Although it seems like witchcraft, it’s based on pure physics.

The founders of this new STEM brand called Feel Flux are two young engineers from Budapest, Hungary. In the home of the Rubik’s cube, these guys realized that there weren’t any products on the market that would use the super-fascinating effect of Lenz’s law to give the user a mindblowing sensation of anti-gravity.

Feel Flux relies on a rarely known magnetic principle called Lenz’s law: the magnetic braking force is generated by an electric current which is induced by the world’s most powerful magnet ball inside the tube.

This gravity-defying handcrafted gadget made out of pure copper comes with a desktop stand and its own powerful magnet. Finished with premium leather of your choice, Flux Original is the ideal executive desktop gadget. Drop the heavy metal ball into the tube and see it descending slowly inside. If you want to use this effect for more than just relaxing, thinkering and fidgeting, the Skill Flux is a skill toy variant based on the same principle. Made of aluminum, it provides a slightly faster ball-movement and the tubes can be attached to each other creating a longer pipe. This is a new skill toy people can do and create tricks with, just like with the immensely popular yo-yo and kendama type of toys.

More info:

The Skill Flux

Flux Original with the anodized aluminum desktop stand

The silent catch: when you manage to catch the ball without it touching the surface of the tube – it’s immensely rewarding

Flux Original with Dark Brown suede leather

Skill Flux with smooth Graphite Gray leather

Flux Original with Gray suede leather

It’s easy to learn but hard to master!

Made of pure copper

Make a longer tube by attaching as many Skill Fluxes as you want!

CNC-machined metal, hand crafted leather

The Skill Set

Feel Flux in action!