We are two tripletsisters from Norway that has a passion for music and photography. We get inspiration from the nature, art, fairytales as well as music to create our photos. Each photo is telling a story, and also feelings. We use photography and music as a way of expressing our feelings and be who we are. In the nature we can be free. We started to put the photos on instagram for about 3 years ago with a goal to inspire others, today we have grown alot and we have reached our goal. My sister Emilie Hamn( on instagram @artphotographer17) is the one who takes the photos and edits them, and she started taking photos when she was 14 years old, and quickly got interested in taking photos. And I am the model and musician, and also the one who get ideas.

In High-school we started to take photos togheter by combining my passion for music and her’s for photography to create an seperate creative expressions in our photos. I Madeleine Hamn(on instagram @birdmadeleine) has always loved music. Music is a big part of who I am as a person, and its a way to express my feelings. The music is my voice. I started to sing when I was about 5 years old, and played piano for about 10 years. So when we started to take photos togheter, it was important to me to bring some inspiration from music in our photos, and also our imagination. We take many of our photos in a beautiful place called Bremanger in Norway, and also we have been taken photos in places like Sandane and Florø.

The main goal with our photos is that we want people to associate and interpret our images in its own way, and we hope that you that reads this will join our journey.

More info: eyeem.com