You do not have to own super powers or expensive equipment to do this type of photography. What you need is: passion, crazy ideas & some time of experimenting and learning to DYI. Go through the selection of tricky photographs here at Bored Panda, and see the full slide show here:

More info:

#1 How many clones do you see?

#2 I Really Did Not…

#3 Or like Taking a Nice HDR Photograph

#4 Or Like a Levitating Banana Thanks to a Special Effect

#5 The Sky Is Not the Limit

#6 It Is a Big Noisy World Out There

#7 Looks Like a Photo From Another Galaxy Right?

#8 I Bet You Could Beat Muse With Using Some Household Items & Use for Such Light Installation

#9 Multiplicity. The Matrix is Confused!

#10 You Can Make Time Stop

#11 Flesh Manipulation

#12 Where Has That Hot Hunk on the Bike Gone?

#13 Infrared Horse