We all love a good revenge story, especially when sweet justice is served and the bad guy gets what exactly what was coming. This is just one of those stories, except the ‘bad guy’ was in fact a ‘Grade-A bitch,’ a corrupt and vindictive boss at a trading firm.

Uploaded by Redditor AbbasKubaba on the ProRevenge subreddit, this gripping tale has the lot. From high power office politics with vast sums of money exchanging hands, to sex scandals and a perfectly plotted payback, this admittedly long, but well worth the read story will leave you wanting more!

So grab yourself a cup of coffee, get comfortable and settle in for a wild ride. Sometimes these kind of stories, based on negative emotions like revenge, can leave a bad taste in the mouth. Rest assured though, this is pure justice porn, delivered in a calm and incredibly satisfying manner. Scroll down below to read the story for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

(Facebook image credits: olaser)

“You want to mess with my career and my freedom? Watch your entire life go down in flames!”








After the story went viral, people started questioning if it really happened and the guy posted this update that clears all doubt: